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Do you think you are starting to get the hang of the Casino lingo yet? NO! There’s actually more than just one type of bonus on nearly every casino site.  You can get your hands on some if not all the new offers that come out when you sign up for the Slots Safe bonus mailer. This will keep you up to date with the latest bonus offers and promotions as they happen. Just fill out your email address and name to get on the list!

So this section is all about the many different bonus terms you will encounter as you make your way through the vast maze that is online casino bonus offers. Hopefully, by the end of this you will be an expert on every bonus there is just like we like to think we are. You also need to remember to look at the bonus terms and conditions of each bonus as they may be different, not every bonus will or needs to be played the same, so check. Let’s go…

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The Welcome Offer Bonus:

Every Casino will offer all new customers who create an account, one welcome offer. This can vary from casino to casino in regards to what you actually get, it’s more than likely to be a mixture of the below bonuses together.  It is essentially the first offer you take when you become a new member of the casino. However, you are not obliged to take this offer. There are also always terms and conditions linked to the welcome offer. Make sure that you read these thoroughly so you don’t get caught out later.

Deposit Bonus:

The deposit bonus is probably one half of the most used and popular bonus given as a welcome offer to new players. A deposit bonus is normally a percentage of the bonus itself. For example, you can get varying degrees of percentage like 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% are the most popular. Some casinos do use different amounts like 33%, 333% or 21%. It all differs from casino to casino. But, it all means the same, for example, you may get a bonus of 75% up to £/€50, this means that if you deposit £/€50. You will receive £/€37.50 more than your initial deposit which makes your balance £/€87.50. This bonus is just simple maths.

Bonus Cups:

A bonus cup is a deposit bonus with a fixed bonus amount. The deposit and bonus amounts will be stated in the promotion e.g. Deposit £/€20 or more and receive a £/€10 bonus. The bonus amount offered will not change like the above bonus. For example, if you take the offer of Deposit £/€20 or more and receive a £/€10 bonus. You deposit £/€40, you will still only receive £/€10 in bonus. This is also applicable to receiving an amount of Bonus Spins.

Spin Credits:

A Spin Credit is a specific monetary bonus amount, like £/€3.00. And, probably will be associated with a particular slot/game or game genre. All the winnings from any Spin Credit turn into a generic bonus with a specified wagering requirement unless stated otherwise.

Free Spins/Bonus Spins/Extra Spins or Fair Spins:

Free/Bonus Spins is what this type of bonus has been called for a long time since it was first given. Today some license prevent the advertiser to say the phrase “Bonus Spins” so you may see the terms Extra Spins or Bonus Spins, these mean the same. When you are given Bonus Spins this allows you to play a pre-defined set number of slot/game rounds on a selected game/s.  This bonus is normally used as the second part of the casino welcome bonus. This bonus can be fun, you may get to play games you normally would not choose. There are varying values of bonus spins, how much the spin is worth. This is normally indicated but stating Big Spins or Mega Spins and so on. Most of the time bonus spins carry a certain wagering requirement, this will differ from casino to casino. Some Spins given are given wager free, meaning you don’t have to wager/bet them, these are the best kind of spins to get.

Big/Super/Mega Spins:

These different types of spins are similar to the Bonus Spins above. The only difference between these spins is that they carry different values per each spin. For example, a Bonus Spin maybe worth £/€0.10, then a Big Spin maybe worth £/€0.50 making a Super Spin maybe worth £/€1. Mega Spins are always the highest value, some are given for £/€5 per spin.

Cash Back Bonus:

Some online casinos offer a Cash Back Bonus normally of 10%. This means you will likely get a return of 10% back on your weekly deposited amount to your account. For example, if you make a total amount of deposit all week of £/€100. You will receive a cash back bonus of £/€10. This will be put into your account and treated as bonus money.

Real Money:

Real Money is probably the simplest, it’s the money you deposit from an account into your casino account. This money is yours, and you can do with it whatever you choose, play slots, poker, live casino or what you want. Normally this is in place to help to prevent money laundering, you are required to turn your whole deposit over once. Meaning you have to play the whole amount once before you can withdraw it.

Bonus Money:

This is the amount that you have gained through an offer or promotion and is normally kept separate from your real money amount. This is so you can see at a glance what real money and bonus money you may have at any one time. Bonus money normally comes with certain wagering requirements and a time limit to be used. Make sure you check the terms and conditions so you are aware what has to be completed before any monies can be withdrawn from the bonus.

No Deposit Bonus:

This is where you don’t have to make an initial deposit of any amount to get a bonus able to play in the casino. This is a good way to experience and start playing the casino without paying a penny. Saying that there is always a wagering requirement attached to this type of bonus. Normally quite high, and has to be fulfilled before any of the winnings can be withdrawn.

Bonus Codes:

Some casinos have a certain way of giving its players their bonuses, they use bonus codes. This is where you take a specific line of text which will either be displayed or given to you via SMS or Email. This is then used when you make a deposit where at a certain point you insert the bonus code to enable your bonus to be credited. If you don’t receive any code you normally can simply contact the support team who will help you with this. Also, another point is to check your spam folder, as it may have ended up in there.

Trigger Bonus:

This type of bonus means you have to complete a certain task, deposit and play a certain amount in the casino, place a number of bets. Some kind of task, then once completed it will trigger the bonus to be allocated to your account or attached to a certain game.

Split Bonus/Spins:

Normally this is a bonus advertised as a certain amount, but when you view the bonus details the amount is split into parts. For example, you may see an offer of £/€1000 available in bonus money. Then when you choose to see more details the £/€1000 has been split between the first 3 or 4 deposits you make with the casino. This may also be the case with a number of bonus spins. You may receive 100 Bonus Spins when you make a deposit, but these spins are split into 5 lots and given to you over the following  5 consecutive days at 20 Bonus Spins per day to play.

Wagering Requirements:

A wager is basically a bet. If your bonus money or your bonus spins have a wagering requirement, this means it has to be bet/played a certain number of times. For example, if you have 10 bonus Spins that have a 10X wager Requirement, you will have to play all the money won from your 10 bonus Spins at least 10 times before any winning money can be withdrawn. Always look out for this, some bonuses may look like a great deal, but if they have a very high wager, then it’s not as good as it looks. Obviously, the best wagering to have on your bonus money and bonus spins are ZERO times!

Now that you have read all about the different types of bonus you may be offered and is available from all the online casinos out there. You can be sure in the fact that you now know what it all stands for which means you know how to get the best out of your bonus, once you have chosen the right one for you.

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